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An instructor/study hall monitor teaches on-campus. Our flagship location will be referred to as ‘Davie ACE’.

A tutor teaches classes off-campus either remotely or at a location agreed upon by the tutor and their students. They fall under the umbrella referred to as Academic Community Tutors (ACT).

A volunteer is a parent of a student who is performing their task to fulfill the
volunteer requirement.

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To get started simply fill out the form below with: your name, email address, short bio about yourself, and your head-shot.

Want to get continue the application process? After filling out this form, scroll down the page and continue with the next 3 steps!

You Can Become an Educator in Three Steps

Step 1

Submit an Educator Application via the form below. This application includes:
An abstract of your course
The preferred class day and time
The preferred price of the course
The capacity of students per course
Educators may submit multiple courses and may submit to teach courses as a tutor, instructor and/or study hall monitor.

Step 2

If course content is approved, the educator will be contacted by email and must submit to a background check.

Step 3

Once the background check is passed, you will receive a tutor/instructor agreement to sign and return.

Academic Community Educators Application Electronic Form

In order to better protect the children and to establish a baseline, a set of criteria for determining whether to accept an educator will be used. The following shall result in automatic disqualification from serving in any capacity:

Sex offenses and misconduct 

Violent Felonies (ex. Homicide, Manslaughter, Assault, Kidnapping, Robbery, etc.) 

Felonies (other than sex or violence related) within the past 10 years 

Any child abuse or domestic violence convictions 

Misdemeanors within the past 7 years (excluding misdemeanor traffic offenses)

Each applicant is required to submit to a background check, with no provision to “grandfather” individuals who have previously served as an educator. These guidelines are being made available to allow you to easily determine your eligibility for the position. If you have any questions, please contact info@Ace2Act.com Thank you for your willingness to participate!

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