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What is ACE 2 ACT?

Academic Community Educators 

Academic Community Educators is a recreation and enrichment education program.  

As an Academic Community Educators (ACE) campus we are a homeschool hub. Simply put, we provide a brick and mortar location to connect homeschool families with instructors.  

As an Academic Community Tutors (ACT) portal, we provide an electronic hub to connect students with tutors.  If you are a tutor in the community, list your services with us so potential students can find you. If you are a student in need of some extra help, look for potential tutors in our Tutor Directory. 

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The purpose of Academic Community Educators is to provide a recreational and enrichment program to supplement homeschooling families’ education journey. This is accomplished by providing a location and a process that connects families with tutors, instructors, and content experts. 

At Academic Community Educators, we value faith-focused, classical education. It is our goal to provide children with skills to think critically and Biblically about the world around them.   

We understand the inherent beauty and value in every child and strive to guide your child’s love of inquiry and reflection.  

Academic Community Educators is designed to support homeschooling families, but we are not a school. Parents of homeschoolers are responsible for selecting the curriculum their child follows, keeping track of attendance, and assigning credits to their child’s classes.   

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