Davie ACE Families Newsletter | September 2023 Volume 2, Issue 9

September 2023
Volume 2, Issue 9

Hey Families! 

So Excited about our 1st Day back tomorrow!

Please feel free to join us for AM Kick Off at 9am in the sanctuary.Guaranteed to put you in a good mood!

As always, parents are always welcome to remain on campus.


If you’re interested in being on campus as a volunteer or substitute, please fill out the attached background check form and hand in or email or take a picture and send back to me.
ACE will cover this cost.

Spring classes/ Summer Camp classes: Please send your requests for Spring classes or Summer camp classes you’d like us to offer. We exist to serve your needs!

A Few Quick Reminders:

Please check your Parent Portal to confirm your class schedule and your invoice. If any adjustments, need to be made, please let me know.

Once you’ve confirmed your schedule is correct, I recommend printing your child’s schedule or writing their schedule on an index card until they are use to their schedule. We will have a master list to help your child find their class but it is helpful for them to have their schedule available also. Feel free to stay with your child throughout the day as well.

Enrollment will remain open until the 2nd week of classes in September to allow for plenty of time to recruit students and sort out schedules. 

Instructors should be emailing you any info or handouts you may need prior to the first day.

Also attached is the latest class layout chart and church map.

If you have not register and enrolled yet and you’d like to, those instructions are below.

  1. Registration: On the home page of www.DavieACE.com, click on the “Login” drop down menu and select, parent portal. You’ll be able to register your children.

  • Handbook/Policies: You’ll be able to review our Handbook and policies before you checkout. Please read carefully and review with your child.   
  • Spread the Word! After you’ve snagged your classes, please help us spread the word by sharing about DavieACE on social media or by word of mouth. We have lots of fun classes available!
  • Thoughts/Feedback: If you have any thoughts about ideas for Davie ACE and you’d like to help implement them, please let me know. ie, Fundraisers, Committees, Social Events etc.  

If there are any questions, please let me know.  

To Him goes the glory! 

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